1. What’s the event all about?

RVN ’69 is a reenacting event and militaria show that is open to the general public during the day. We create authentic sets and decor, play period music, and host reenacting groups to help educate the general public on the topic of the Vietnam War.


2. I understand RVN ’69 is creating an atmosphere, but what is there to do?

This year, we will be ramping up our group patrols through the jungle with new and better trails. We’ll have a number of militaria vendors and reenactors will be displaying their collections, uniforms, and vehicles on display. For the adults, stay past dark for the live music & performances on Saturday evening. We also welcome your participation, so feel free to bring a deck of cards for games, or your Vietnam militaria collection to display.What we’ve found is that when you mix interesting people with music, atmosphere, food and costumes, you will never get bored.

3. Is photography allowed?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged. We want everyone to see all the work that went into creating the visual aspects of the event. We’d love it if you brought a vintage 35mm, but digital is fine.

4. Do I have to wear a uniform/costume?

No. We have relaxed the rules this year to allow the general public to attend the event. However, we do still encourage uniforms and period attire. You don’t have to dress like a soldier, Viet Cong, or a hippie! Check out our reference page to see what kind of classic American civilian styles you can pull off with what you already have.